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PYROFLITE/PYROFLIGHT Microwaveable Bat Warmer from BK Enterprises with Microcore, eliminate bat sting and bat denting with a hot bat!Pyroflite Bat Warmer PYROFLITE/PYROFLIGHT Microwaveable Bat Warmer from BK Enterprises with Microcore, eliminate bat sting and bat denting with a hot bat!

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Microwaveable Bat Warmer by PYROFLITE™
PYROFLITE/PYROFLIGHT Microwaveable Bat Warmer from BK Enterprises with Microcore, eliminate bat sting and bat denting with a hot bat!

your comments or testimonials.

"The first night I took it out and players couldn't believe what they saw and felt....a hot bat in sub 60 degree weather. The ball just seem to "jump" off the bat and the feeling the batter got was not one of a "dull jarring effect" but more like the one they expect from an expensive bat.... "Hot with some pop."

Mark Anderton
New Zealand National Batting Champ and Catcher/Pitcher for Eddie Feigners' "The King and His Court" 4 Man Fastpitch Team .

I bought one of your bat warmers a couple of weeks ago. My daughter plays 14U fastpitch and swings a Catalyst fpc205 composite. She was keeping the bat in her equipment bag in our garage which stays about 55 degrees or so in the winter. She was hitting in a 65 degree batting cage, and getting teeth-rattling bat sting. There is absolutely no doubt, this product removed 100% of her bat sting and greatly increased the performance of her bat in a recent cold weather scrimmage to "July-like" results.


"The weather is chilling up in the foothills of northern Pennsylvania. We are just finishing up fall ball and wanted to let you know that our players love your bat warmer. The bat warmer has increased our hitter's confidence as well as their performance in cooler weather. As a ball club that is known to live and die by the homerun, we are always looking for ways to provide our players with an advantage. The bat warmer is the best innovation I have seen for college baseball in the last ten years. Using the bat warmer has helped us not only in games but in practice. Last season during batting practice we broke three aluminum bats on one 30 degree day and countless others throughout the spring. We have not broken a bat this fall since we started using the bat warmer. I also believe that our bats last longer and dent less by using the bat warmer. Please be sure that we have a supply for this spring, because I'm sure when the bat warmer hits the market it will sell like hot cakes."

Harry Hillson
Head baseball Coach Mansfield University.

"I used the Bat Warmer for the first time a little over a month ago. I tested bats using it and not using it side by side. The results were in dramatic favor by using it. Up here in Minnesota temperatures can get pretty cool even in the summer months. Since I have been using it I have not Broke or Dented any bats. It is also a great way to break in a new bat. I used it on a brand new Easton Synergy Plus and the results were the same as if I was using a already broken in bat. I have been playing softball for 12 years now, 4 at the top level of softball and have seen or tried out products and this one is the real deal. I would recommend every softball player to use it if they want the maximum performance out of a bat."

Scott Brown # 93
Dan Smith/Backman/Menosse/Holland/Easton, Easton Sports, 2003 World Softball League MVP, 10 All World Tournament Awards, 2001 USSSA AA MVP and Home Run Champion, 7 NIT MVP's, 30 NIT All Tournament Selections.

"For the third year in a row my select team used the bat warmers last season. My Team won the 2004 NSA U10A Super Series National Championship in East Peoria, Illinois. We went 51-14-3 for the season. Our hitting was awesome and the bat warmers allowed us to get the most out of our bats."

Thanks again,
Issaquah, WA

"I've been playing ball for about 14 years now. Never have I experienced anything like this. I finally have hit the ball over the fence. I've been trying at this park for last 4 years. The fence is 245 feet. I swing a blue Snyergy and it's a great bat, but the warmer gives me the extra edge I need. I live in San Diego and everyone knows we have nice weather. It can get chilly sometimes at night or early morning when I play ball. I'm 48 and for me to hit it that far was huge. The ball comes off the bat with a different sound. No sting when you hit it in the wrong spot. I think the sweet spot actually is bigger with the warmer I would recommend this to everyone..."

Mari Gallicci
female 48

"I should start off by telling you that Devon has thoroughly enjoyed his bat warmer! We have used it believe it or not year around. Even when we went to Florida this summer I would heat his bat up for him in the morning just to start the day off. He is so spoiled with it that he can't stand to hit with a "cold" bat anymore because of the sting. I won't have any problem telling you that he led the team with a .696 batting average (going to bat 134 times)."

Cindy F.


"I have a retail store in Florida ,, I sell just softball equipment.. We have a lot of Senior softball players in our area, and we play in the winter months. This bat warmer is just what we need for our expensive bats. How can I become a dealer for your product???"

Softball's R Game
Summerfield, FL

"Thanks Brian. My son is traveling with his college team and will be very happy to know that the hot packs are on the way!! He loves using his bat warmer so I ordered one for my youngest son as well!!"

Mindy Z.

"Just wanted to let you know my 11 year old son recently started using the Pyroflite bat warmer and at his last game May 6, 2006 at his first at bat he hit a rocket line drive home run over center field (his first home run of the season)! He followed up with his next at bat with another blast that hit the fence in right center field. At his third at bat he again crushed the ball to left field for his second homerun in the same game! "

From Proud Dad
in Woodinville Washington!

PYROFLITE/PYROFLIGHT Microwaveable Bat Warmer from BK Enterprises with Microcore, eliminate bat sting and bat denting with a hot bat!
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"We purchased a Batwarmer for our son last season. We are very happy with it's performance. We thought it would make his bat more resistant to denting. It did. Our first chance to use it was on a day when the temperature hovered around 50, we took some kidding from the other parents about the bat warmer, until our son hit a 350' homer to right center, then everyone took the Bat Warmer more seriously!"

Bev and Frank Stafford

"I hit my 2nd career home run (over the fence) last night on a short 270ft field. For me, it was a towering home run and would have cleared 300ft on our other fields. I hit another one off the fence. You have to understand - this is unprecedented for me to hit a long fly ball, it just doesn't happen with my type of swing. The Orange Crush was nice and warm when I took it out of the warmer and the ball seemed to sail off the bat. There is a guy on my team that has been playing with me for 15 years and he could not believe that I actually hit a ball that far! The bat warmer definitely made a difference that is all I can say. Maybe it gave me more confidence and I swung with a little more bat speed as well, but worked.... "

Thanks for a great product,
Lloyd Hanson

"I received the bat warmer yesterday and used it last night at practice. One word "Awesome"!! Some of the other parents and players saw what I was using, and of course I explained what it was. I also told them, "This is the perfect item to protect your investment". The new bats are expensive. It's ridiculous how much we are spending on bats. I have seen many that cost $225 and up. I think it's worth another $50 or $60, to protect this investment Especially since it is a helpful device as well. Do you want a sales rep in Central Florida?"

Thanks for your assistance
Paul Stepina

"Just to let you know that I received the warmer as you said it would in three days. Both myself and my daughter was very impressed with it. Great product!!! I talked with some of my fellow work mates and was telling them about it and in the time of the story I had one person already on the web site ordering one and several others saying that they also were going to order one."

Thanks Again,
Jeff Groves

"Utilized the warmer Sunday morning in the Florida Half Century State Championships and the ball literally 'jumped' off the bat! By the way our 65 + tournament team ( 3 Amigos Pro Shops of The Villages, Fl.) won the 65+ Division, going 6-0! Five of our guys are utilizing your product now and as the weather starts to cool I'm sure many more will. "

Dan Daniels

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Harrison Nelson

"Just wanted to let you know I love your product. With bat's hitting close to $300 I mostly wanted to protect my investments from denting. I was pleasantly surprised with the fact it also appears to have helped in the performance area as well. I live in Washington State and it's usually cold and wet here. This is definitely the best way to go to extend the life of your bat's."

Way to go!

"It's working great, I talked my team into purchasing them last year, and into the first week of November, we finished off the playoffs spanking teams just because we used all of our top bats, didn't lose a one, while others were storing their demarinis away for the winter. Great product, you have a believer for life...Take care. "

Sean Tomasz


"...These are all the rage in Tournament ball in Western PA, a team called Pittsburgh Spirit has been whoopin everybody because of the hits they get off their bats with these warmers!..."

Thanks again
Danyelle Neifert

"I don't know if you remember me from Lake in the Hills, IL , but I told you I would contact you if I hit my first homer. Well here I am the first pitch of the second game, BAM over the left center field fence, my first legit homer!! With 3 base hit's to follow! The bat was warm all night and felt great. 10 years of not going yard, and going yard after my first night using the Bat Warmer??? Hmmm, you tell me! Big fan of the Bat Warmer Use me for a testimonial!!!"

Thanks again,
Kevin Tarpey

"Just wanted to say thanks again. My cousin's son hit one out of the park in their opening game last week....40 degrees outside. Although he has hit some out before, he said that he knew it had to be his warm bat that got this one out! He's a junior in high school. "

Thanks again

your comments or testimonials.

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For those who are serious about the sport of softball or baseball the PryroFlite™ Bat Warmer is becoming a critical piece of equipment to help in gaining the extra edge. We proudly stand behind the remarkable benefits of the Microwaveable Pryroflite Bat Warmer.

  • Pyroflite is proud sponsor of USSAGreatly reduced bat denting & cracking!
  • Keeps bat at manufactures recommended temperature!
  • Larger sweet spot! Eliminates bat sting and vibration!
  • For both baseball and softball bats!
  • Works on wooden bats as well!!
  • Easy to use, simply microwave and go!
  • Once heated lasts for 4-6 hours! Heating element can be used over and over!
  • Team logos, etc. can be easily silk screened upon warmer bag!
  • Folds for easy storage, zip closer with fence clip!

MORE distance LESS pain LONGER bat life!

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Each package contains one Microwaveable Bat Warmer bag
with one Microcore ® heating element (bat not included).
Detailed instructions are provided.

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