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PYROFLITE/PYROFLIGHT Microwaveable Bat Warmer from BK Enterprises with Microcore, eliminate bat sting and bat denting with a hot bat!
#1 in the world since 1999!
PYROFLITE/PYROFLIGHT Microwaveable Bat Warmer from BK Enterprises with Microcore, eliminate bat sting and bat denting with a hot bat!

PyroFlite Bat Warmer

MORE Consistency!
Pain!   LONGER Bat Life!

MORE CONSISTENCY: Become the Home Run King of your team or league!
Would you pay $50 for better hitting consistency? With the Microwavable PyroFlite™ Bat Warmer heating up their game, hitters across the country say the same thing time and time again, “the ball just seemed to jump off the bat”. Anyone who truly understands hitting knows the importance of a flexible bat. Why? A flexible bat, especially in cool weather, will allow a player to maintain better hitting consistency. Imagine the confidence you will gain knowing every time you step up to the plate the PyroFlite™ Bat Warmer has provided the warmth your bat needs to operate in a safe & sound way & make you feel like you are playing on a warm sunshiny day...day after day, night after night!

Do you wanna HIT BOMBS like this guy?
"The first night I took it out and players couldn't believe what they saw and felt....a hot bat in sub 60 degree weather. The ball just seem to "jump" off the bat and the feeling the batter got was not one of a "dull jarring effect" but more like the one they expect from an expensive bat.... "Hot with some pop".

Mark Anderton
New Zealand National Batting Champ and Catcher/Pitcher for Eddie Feigners' "The King and His Court" 4 Man Fastpitch Team.

Check out what these Associations are saying!
  • USSSA  (United States Specialty Sports Association)
  • NSA  (National Softball Association)
  • SSUSA  (Senior Softball USA)

PYROFLITE/PYROFLIGHT Microwaveable Bat Warmer from BK Enterprises with Microcore, eliminate bat sting and bat denting with a hot bat!

LESS PAIN: Swing for the fence in any weather!
We’ve all been there. It’s a cool day, your hands are chilly and your bat feels like a huge frozen popsicle. As much as you love playing the game, hitting in bad weather is literally a pain. It’s bad for the bat and it’s bad for the hitter. Eliminating bat sting lessens that chance of getting bone bruises which can easily last for up to 6 weeks, ruining a season. For a Junior or Senior in High School this could cost them a College Scholarship or more! Once your aluminum, wood, or composite bat is warmed by the PyroFlite™ Bat Warmer the fear of “bat sting” is gone and its time to swing for the fence!

Removed bat sting 100%!
I bought one of your bat warmers a couple of weeks ago. My daughter plays 14U fastpitch and swings a Catalyst fpc205 composite. She was keeping the bat in her equipment bag in our garage which stays about 55 degrees or so in the winter. She was hitting in a 65 degree batting cage, and getting teeth-rattling bat sting. There is absolutely no doubt, this product removed 100% of her bat sting and greatly increased the performance of her bat in a recent cold weather scrimmage to "July-like" results.


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As Seen on TV - bat warmerLONGER BAT LIFE: Why would anybody spend $300 on a bat and use it in the cold?
If you’re not heating your bat up, don’t expect it to last long. Bat Companies state right on the bat to not use it in temperatures under 65 degrees. (Which is basically telling you to heat them) The walls of today’s bats are getting thinner & thinner for better performance and whether your bat is aluminum or composite, the body of your bat will not stand up to cold weather impact. There is a tremendous need to keep your bat at a safe operating condition and temperature. Dents, cracks and even dangerous breaks can occur in bats that are not warmed to a bat manufacturers recommended temperature for optimum performance. This is one of the reasons we developed the Microwaveable PyroFlite™ Bat Warmer. To give players confidence in the bat they are swinging and safety in the game they love to play. Used in all associations and leagues across the country, the PyroFlite™ Bat Warmer has over 15,000 satisfied customers!

Best innovation in 10 YEARS!
"... The Bat Warmer is the best innovation I have seen for college baseball in the last ten years. We have not broken a bat this fall since we started using the bat warmer. I also believe that our bats last longer and dent less by using the bat warmer."

Head baseball Coach Mansfield University

This product is the REAL DEAL!
"... Since I have been using it I have not Broke or Dented any bats. It is also a great way to break in a new bat. I used it on a brand new Easton Synergy Plus and the results were the same as if I was using a already broken in bat. I have been playing softball for 12 years now, 4 at the top level of softball and have seen or tried out products and this one is the real deal. I would recommend every softball player to use it if they want the maximum performance out of a bat."

Scott Brown # 93
Dan Smith/Backman/Menosse/Holland/Easton, Easton Sports, 2003 World Softball League MVP, 10 All World Tournament Awards, 2001 USSSA AA MVP and Home Run Champion, 7 NIT MVP's, 30 NIT All Tournament Selections.

PYROFLITE/PYROFLIGHT Microwaveable Bat Warmer from BK Enterprises with Microcore, eliminate bat sting and bat denting with a hot bat!

HOW TO USE: Simply Microwave and Go!

Place Heating Element in Microwave oven on paper towel & follow recommended heating times. When done, slide Heating Element in Bat Warmer Bag lengthwise beneath the two web strap holders inside. Zip shut Bat Warmer Bag 3/4 way, insert softball or baseball bat (one size fits all), then zip Bat Warmer Bag completely shut. After batting, return same bat to same Bat Warmer Bag for maximum efficiency. Once heated, Heating Element will retain heat for several hours. Instructions included.

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EXTRA VALUE: Real Value over the course of your career!
All it takes is one broken bat and you’ve paid for the PyroFlite™ Bat Warmer 5 times over! Think about it. Every time you crack or dent a bat the umpire throws it out of the game, and it’s back to the store for another $300 bat. Whether it’s a new bat right out of the wrapper or an old bat you want to revive, the Microwaveable PyroFlite™ Bat Warmer will save you money inning after inning, game after game, and season after season.


THANKS! for your help!
"We purchased a Batwarmer for our son last season. We are very happy with it's performance. We thought it would make his bat more resistant to denting. It did. Thanks for your help."

Bev and Frank Stafford

CLEAR BENEFITS: Approved and endorsed by USSSA and NSA!
For those who are serious about the sport of softball or baseball the PyroFlite™ Bat Warmer is becoming a critical piece of equipment to help in gaining the extra edge. We proudly stand behind the remarkable benefits of the PyroFlite™ microwaveable heated bat warmers.

#1 in the world since 1999!

  • Greater hitting consistency!
  • Hit cold weather bombs!
  • Helps prevent bat cracking & denting!
  • Keeps bat at manufactures recommended temperature!
  • Increased bat flexibility!
  • Eliminates bat sting and vibration!
  • Makes new composite bats feel like they are already broke in!
  • Increased confidence! - (especially in cool weather play)
  • For both baseball, softball bats! - Composite, scandium, aluminum, and wood bats.
  • Highly recommended for bats from these bat manufacturers: Anderson*, Combat*, Demarini*, Easton*, Louisville Slugger*, Mattingly*, Miken*, Mizuno*, Nike*, Rawlings*, TPS*, TPX*, Wilson*, Worth*, etc.
  • Will not harm bats or bat warranty!
  • Easy to use, simply microwave and go!
  • Once heated lasts for 4-6 hours!
  • Heating element can be used over and over!
  • Team logos, etc. can be easily silk screened upon warmer bag!
  • Folds for easy storage, zip closer with fence clip!
  • Jet Fast Priority shipping! - (Usually 2 to 3 days)

* Trademarks or Brand Names.

MORE distance LESS pain LONGER bat life!

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Each package contains one patented microwaveable Bat Warmer bag
with one Microcore ® heating element (bat not included).
Detailed instructions are provided.

Amazing PyroFlite™ Bat Warmer should be an important part of your baseball equipment or softball equipment inventory!

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